Sunset Aquapark is open!

Water slides and attractions

Sunset Aquapark Pomorie will amaze you with the wealth of slides with various functions and difficulty level, impressive shapes and colours, which contribute to your good mood and satisfaction. You will find comfort zones for recreation and relaxation, beautiful natural vegetation, various children’s zones with numerous attractions where the youngest visitors could spend hours in carefree and joyful play.

With its large variety of the types of slides: relaxing, sense-provoking and extreme, Sunset Aquapark Pomorie has no analogue among similar facilities. You cannot stand the attractiveness of the Mini Pendulum, Free Fall and Kamikaze, Twister Slide, Crazy Downhill and Zero Gravity, Typhoon Tunnel and the Spiral. In Sunset Aquapark, you can enjoy and feel the satisfaction of the two longest slides on the Balkans, each of them 150 meters long. The overall length of all slides exceeds 1120 meters!

The attractions are created with the only purpose to provoke and open many smiles. Those who love the relaxing type of slides can enjoy the one and only water play system combining 6 platforms. We have special focus on the youngest visitors. The children’s water play system with 5 platforms, where children can enjoy amazing games and have fun, will give real joy to all children.

Degrees of difficulty

The facilities have different levels of difficulty suitable for families with children, for teenagers and for those who love extreme water attractions.



Length: 37m | Height: 10m

Be in the middle of the summer storm! Slide down the exciting tunnel, which will spin you into an unforgettable and funny twist down to the tornado vessel. Experience one extreme and smile-guaranteeing twist along the tunnel walls. This spiralling 37-meter-long adventure will bring you true adrenaline.

Twister Slide

Length: 70m | Height: 8,75m

Feel the summer water swirl, which this slide will undoubtedly engage you in. The two intervening roofed tunnels will swirl you in a breath-taking extreme descend. An almost 70-meter-long adventure, which will satisfy the thirst for adrenaline of everyone loving high-speed and water attractions, awaits you there.


Length: 100m | Height: 14,75m

Enjoy an extreme descend, either alone or in parallel with another one, along the winding open tunnel, accompanied by a refreshing and atomizing the experience jet of water. With its open design, the rafting slide brings even more exciting experience right down the unstoppable summer emotions.

Free Fall & Kamikaze

Length: 85m | Height: 17,55m

You love the heights and want to feel what free falling is? Slide straight down and feel the unimaginable ecstasy of the lack of gravity, which will truly excite you and make you ready for more challenges. This extreme adventure, which ends with a huge cooling jet of water, will suddenly accelerate your pulse.

Thunder Cruise

Length: 52m | Height: 10m

The wide-open slide will speed you down and involve you in a lightning-striking downhill, which you can share with your friend, child or relative. Just experience this stunning feeling of an extreme descend with a jet of water, and get deep into the unstoppable water adventures. Feel free as never before!

Black Hole

Length: 52m | Height: 10m

The dark tunnel of the black hole will lead you into the enigmatic and full of surprises depths and will end with a section of light and darkness until you fall down into an open water chute along a jet of water. It is out of doubt, that after such descend you will be full of energy and ready for more and more attractive challenges.

Mini Pendulum

Height: 10m

Readyyy? Gooo! Feel the unforgettable thrill of the free falling and the power of one of the five elements – the water swirl in which the pendulum will take you down. This stunning slide will take you to the eternity of fun and speed and will swing you up and down in several consecutive rises and falls on the water surface.

The Spiral

Length: 150m | Height: 14,75m

Are you ready for all surprises, which await you in the open spiral of satisfaction and adrenaline? Enjoy the variety of consecutive bends and turns and have fun to the max with that never-ending adventure, together with your friends, with whom you will remember those exciting emotions long after that.

Typhoon Tunnel

Length: 150m | Height: 14,75m

If you love winding roads and strong emotions, then this is the attraction for you. The typhoon tunnel will shake you and twist you in a 150-meter speedy descend in mysterious darkness and sense-provoking winding route. Slide down the twisting and full of surprises spiralling tunnel, which will leave you out of breath.

Family Slide

Length: 88m | Height: 10,65m

This open winding slide will give you an exciting adventure and numerous various turns and spiralling ups and downs, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is suitable also for our youngest visitors who love water slides. Safe and at the same time attractive, our family slide is suitable even for people who are keen on high speeds.

Crazy Downhill & Zero Gravity

Length: 35m | Height: 8,75m

A 35-meter flight without gravity? We know you can dare! This open slide will speed you down with an amazing velocity and make you feel the thrill. This is one of the water attractions loved most by those who adore free falling and acceleration. You need a solid dose of adrenaline? It’s hundred percent sure that lack of gravity will give it to you.

Multilane Slide 3 Line

Length: 35m | Height: 8,75m

What is summer without competition and adrenaline? For those of you, who have the competitive and adventurous spirit, we have prepared three racing slides, which we guarantee will meet the demand of strong sensation. Get involved in the amazing race with your friends for more stunning experience and feel that amazing descend together. Shared smiles are guaranteed!

Combination Slide

Length: 64m | Height: 10,65m

1,2,3 – Go! Dive into the infinity of adventurous bends of the roofed combination slide, which hides many surprises and unexpected turns. Get ready for the 64-meter contrast and swinging descend, which will bring you into the world of pleasure. Suitable for old and young, the combination slide guarantees maximum emotions.

Dark Labyrinth

Length: 87m | Height: 10,65m

Hey, the thrill is stronger in the dark, isn’t it? This 87-meter-long slide will test your exploration and adventure qualities. You will be challenged by the maze of the dark labyrinth, where you will not only have real fun but will be surprised more than once by the multi-color glimmers along the overall length of the tunnel.

Sunset 1, 2 & 3

The combination of 3 colourful and funny slides is not only attractive but beautiful. Here, even the youngest visitors can have fun by changing slides of various shape and bending. Feel the summer with the whole family and have fun with your kids to the max! Absolutely easy, funny and attractive slides suitable for all ages. Get together to have a wild race and let the family race start now!

Water play system with 6 platforms

Slides: River, Relax, Fun and Phantom

Universal water play system of 6 levels intended for water plays and multi-purpose activities. This is the heaven for every adventurer who feels the thirst for unstoppable new explorations and options for fun. Start this stunning water play with numerous slides of various difficulty levels and extremes. This is an island of endless pleasure, in which every child wishes to disembark. Are you ready to try?

Children’s water play system with 5 platforms

Slides: The Tunnel, the Yellow and Multislide

5-level children’s universal water play system intended for water play and multi-purpose activities. Climb up the stairs of a true water adventure to test the large variety of slides and activities. Its impressive design and the numerous fountains and sprinklers will move you into a world of magic and adventure. The summer is just a step ahead, do not miss to have fun to the max!

Children’s water play system

It includes: Multi-colour rainbow, Water curtain for the kids, Under the Umbrella of the Mushroom, the “Octopus Tentacles” and “In the Whale’s Mouth” slides.

This universal children‘s water play system is the place, where children can have fun for hours playing among the water rings and attractive slides with the shape of water creatures. Make a gift to your children with this amazing experience and they will be extremely happy and satisfied.