In Sunset Aquapark Pomorie you can take care of yourselves and enjoy the best we offer during your whole stay. In the minutes of rest, in-between the numerous descends, you can have some culinary pleasures, refreshing and energy cocktails, in our bars and catering units.

There is fast food restaurant and ice-cream bar in the complex, where you can recharge after the numerous descends and activities and have something delicious to eat. The menu offers many tasty delicacies that can fill your stomach, fresh salads, hot and cold drinks and tempting desserts. You may make your stay cooler and sweeter with a tasty ice-cream or shake from our ice-cream bar.

Fast Food

Product Unit Price
Salads and Cold soups
Shopska 300 g 7 BGN
Tarator 300 ml 4 BGN
Grill and Sandwiches
Beef burger with French fries 300 g 10 BGN
Hot-dog with chips 280 g 6 BGN
Chicken nuggets with French fries 300 g 10 BGN
Nachos with sauce at your choice – processed cheddar or salsa 200 g 6 BGN
French fries 150 g 4 BGN
Cold sandwich 1 pcs 5 BGN
Ice-cream 120 g 6 BGN
Water melon 350 g 4 BGN

Product Unit Price
Hot drinks
Coffee 80 ml 4 BGN
Hot chocolate 180 ml 5 BGN
Cappuccino 150 ml 5 BGN
Coffee with milk 150 ml 5 BGN
Tea 180 ml 4 BGN
Soft drink
Bottled soft drinks 500 ml 5 BGN
Soda water 500 ml 3 BGN
Mineral water 500 ml 3 BGN
Cappy fruit drink 200 ml 4 BGN
Cappy fruit drink 330 ml 5 BGN
Iced tea 500 ml 5 BGN
Fresh juice 250 ml 8 BGN
Monster energy drink 500 ml 5 BGN
Home-made lemonade 300 ml 5 BGN
Kamenitza draught 300 ml 4 BGN
Kamenitza draught 500 ml 5 BGN
Stella Artois 500 ml 6 BGN
Kamenitza Fresh 500 ml 5 BGN
Heineken 330 ml 6 BGN
Хайнекен - безалкохолен 330 ml 6 BGN
White wine 200 ml 5 BGN
Rose 200 ml 5 BGN