Rules and instructions for safe use of the facilities in Sunset Aquapark Pomorie

The whole zone in the aquapark is arranged to comply with all latest safety standards so you and your family may enjoy freely all possibilities for entertainment we offer.

  1. Read & obey posted signs and the instructions of the lifeguards at all times
  2. Entrance fee includes unlimited use of all slides, a sunbed/umbrella, pools, changing room & shower facilities
  3. On the territory of Sunset Aquapark payments are made through the wrist watches, given to you at the entrance. In case you want to use our restaurant or safe, you have to load money into your wrist watch at the deposit desk. Any money left in your wrist watch is given back at the deposit cash desk. If you leave the aquapark without taking your money - it can not be given back.
  4. No refunds will be made due to bad weather conditions
  5. Consider your health and capability before riding
  6. Guests 0.90 to 1.30m high may use the slides only in the company of an adult.
  7. Food/drink purchased outside, weapons of any kind, or any dangerous items are strictly prohibited in the Aqua park
  8. Slides are scheduled to close 30 minutes before the Aqua park closing time.
  9. The Aqua park takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. Please use the safety deposit boxes provided.
  10. Violation of the Aqua park safety rules or if you are intoxicated may result in refused slide use and/or removal from the park.
  11. No pets allowed in the Аquapark.
  12. The penalty for lost or damaged bracelet is 10 BGN.
  13. Maximum allowed weight for a single boat - 110 kg; double boat - 220 kg.
  14. Children under 3 may enter the pool only with swim diapers. No standard diapers will be allowed in any swimming pool or attraction. Swim diapers may be purchased from the souvenir shop.
  15. For your safety, some of the facilities have additional restrictions regarding health status, height, weight, age or need to be accompanied by an adult.
  16. Children under 14 must be accompanied by their parents, guardians or other people of full age who will take proper care of the child.
  17. All other special restrictions are instructed on the information board with rules mounted next to each facility. Please pay the necessary attention and read the instructions for use.
  18. Jumping and diving in the swimming pools of the aquapark is strictly prohibited.
  19. Do not run on the territory of the aquapark.
  20. Wear suitable swimwear /no metal buckles, rivets, zips or rings/.
  • Instructions from life-guards must be obeyed at all times

  • No outside food/drinks may be brought inside the park

  • Jewellery, wrist watches and glasses prohibited

  • No Diving

  • Walk – do not run

  • No climbing on or hanging from any structures

  • Persons with heart conditions, pregnant or back trouble not permitted to use

  • Minimum height restrictions apply

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times