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General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for online booking and purchase of vouchers

Art.1./1/ These General Terms and Conditions for online booking and purchase of electronic vouchers /hereinafter referred to as the General Conditions/ shall apply to all contracts for the purchase and sale of vouchers concluded online on the web page, which is operated and maintained by Sunset Aquapark.

/2/ is a virtual data resource on the internet, created in compliance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, aimed to provide updated information to its users regarding the business of the attraction complex operating under the brand Sunset Aquapark.

/3/ No owner and/or person providing service at may be liable for problems related to the provision of services resulting from unsuitable devices of the users including incompatibility of the software applications they use with the services offered on

Merchant's identification

Art.2./1/ All vouchers are offered and sold through the sale system of Aquapark Management Ltd (hereinafter referred to in these General Conditions as the Owner) which is a Bulgarian legal entity (limited liability company) duly registered with the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under corporate identity number 203522962. The legal entity has the following seat and address of its registered office: 1 Chayka Street, Pomorie.

/2/ The owner is a legal entity duly registered under the provisions of the Value Added Tax Act.

/3/ When selling the vouchers, the Owner acts solely and only on his account and in his name. The Owner does not offer and does not sell vouchers or any other security on behalf or on the account of any third party.

/4/ The address where the Owner conducts his business is not the same with the address of its registered office given in art.2, par.1. The Owner conducts his business at the following address: Sunset Aquapark, area known as “Krotirya”, Pomorie, Pomorie Municipality, Burgas District.

/5/ The contact details of the Owner are the following: web page:, contact phone: +359 89 3027407

Major specifications of the vouchers subject of sale

Art.3./1/ The subject-matter of the contracts for the purchase and sale, concluded through the web page, are vouchers, which entitle their holder to visit and use all attractions, shop, restaurant, bars and other points of commerce, including all organized events and/or attractions and entertainment performances /all of them hereinafter referred to as the “attraction/s”, which are situated and held at the attraction complex operating under the brand Sunset Aquapark, located at: Krotirya area, Pomorie, Pomorie Municipality, Burgas District.

/2/ On the official web page, you can find published general information about the attractions provided at Sunset Aquapark. This includes data about its opening hours, use of free transport, rules for the access to the attraction complex, name, technical data and rules for the use of the relevant attraction, including any other information that may be useful and necessary for the user in relation with the above.

/3/ The vouchers that are sold may not be treated as tickets and/or securities

Organizer of the events

Art.4./1/ All attractions for which online vouchers are sold through the web page, are organized by the Owner. The latter has the obligations to provide to the voucher holders both access to Sunset Aquapark attraction complex and use of all attractions therein.

/2/ The Owner may freely decide on the price of the vouchers and all other terms and conditions under which the voucher holders shall have the right to visit Sunset Aquapark and use the attractions there. The Owner may unilaterally make changes in the voucher price and all other terms and conditions referring to the access and use of the attractions at Sunset Aquapark attraction complex. The Owner shall announce every forthcoming change in the respective section of the web page within reasonable terms, which guarantee that all interested parties will be promptly notified.

/3/ Provided that the Owner fails to fulfil his obligations regarding the rights specified in art. 3, par. 1, he shall be liable before all who have purchased vouchers under the provisions of Section VI /Refund of Paid Fees/ of these General Terms and Conditions.

Order and voucher use. Payment method.

Art.5./1/ With the submission of the order for electronic voucher through the web page the client undertakes to conclude a contract for the online purchase of a voucher under the meaning of the Electronic Commerce Act. This undertaking binds the client and henceforth the order may be refused or modified only in accordance with the provisions of Section V /Refusal of Purchased Vouchers/ of these General Conditions.

/2/ Each e-voucher has its unique code, consecutive number, service type, price, term of validity, including any other useful data and/or information.

/3/ The client receives his e-voucher on the email he provides.

/4/ To purchase an e-voucher through the web page the clients must follow these 5 steps:

  1. Step 1 – Choose the voucher parameters (number of visitors, stay, number of visits, date) according to the information provided by the Supplier about the types of vouchers and services.
  2. Step 2 – Identify and fill in the customer's personal data (name, phone, email address to receive information and the e-voucher). If you need an invoice issued to a legal entity, then you have to fill in the special field provided for such purpose. If you do not do that, the invoice will be issued to a natural person.
  3. Step 3 – Agree with these General Conditions. Subject to the provisions of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, when the user has accessed the above web page and has agreed with the General Conditions, he makes an electronic statement through which he declares that he has read the General Conditions, agrees with them and undertakes to observe them.
  4. Step 4 – Effect payment.
    • All payments shall be made in Bulgarian local currency (BGN);
    • All prices include 20% VAT;
    • Prices given in euro are indicative and serve to facilitate the foreign customers to calculate the fees;
    • Payment shall be made online with one of the following debit or credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.
    • Every bank issuing such types of cards has its independent policy and requirements regarding online payments;
    • The Virtual POS Terminal service is provided by Piraeus Bank, which provide options for card payments on the internet with high level of safety;
    • All personal and financial data, which you provide when making payment within the Virtual POS Terminal system, is sent directly to Piraeus Bank which is responsible for its protection. Sunset Aquapark may not be liable for any financial detail of its customers and no claims may be submitted with respect to that;
    • The credit card data is encrypted from the moment it is received and is then stored online. Only persons authorized by the bank have access to it.
  5. Step 5 – Receive your voucher. The Owner's system forwards automatically confirmation about the payment and the e-voucher itself. The e-voucher is specific information containing the data provided in art. 5, par. 2, which the customer receives on his email address and which may be printed on any printer. To get access to the attraction complex, the customer must present to the authorized officer his e-voucher either on hard or soft copy. Otherwise, the access and the use of the attractions in the attraction complex will be denied.

Art.6. With the purchase of this voucher, the visitor must observe all rules and regulations prescribed by the Owner to enter the complex and use its attractions.

Art.7. Children of under age (persons aged under 14) and of minor age (persons aged 14 but under 18) who are visitors of Sunset Aquapark attraction complex, subject to the provisions of art.8, par. 3, art. 4, and par. 7 of the Child Protection Act read in conjunction with the provisions of the Ordinance on the Special Protection of Children in Public Places, Visitors of Public Places of Under and Minor Age Including during the Holding of the Events, must be obligatorily in the company of their parents, guardians, trustees or other adults, who will take the relevant cares for them.

Art.8. All prices for the vouchers are based on the visitor's height criteria. For security and safety issues related to the use of the attractions, the height of all visitors will be measured on site and if there is difference, they will be asked to pay additional price.

Art.9. If the climatic conditions are unfavorable, Sunset Aquapark reserves its right to limit the access to some or all of the attractions without owing compensations or money refund for the already purchased vouchers.

Refusal from purchased vouchers

Art.10./1/ The consumer may refuse the purchased e-voucher within 48 (forty-eight) hours as of the date he received the e-voucher on his email. Subject to the provisions of art. 10 of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, the parties shall consider for the date of reception of the e-voucher, the date on which an electronic statement sent by the Owner, which visualizes an e-voucher, enters the electronic system instructed by the user. If the user has not instructed any specific data system, the statement is received from the moment it enters any data system of the receiver, and if the receiver does not have data system – from the moment the receiver downloads it from the data system in which the statement has entered.

/2/ The user shall notify the Owner about his intention to refuse purchased e-vouchers by sending an express written or verbal notice. This notice shall include the e-voucher or its unique code and the full names of its holder.

/3/ The Owner will refund the price within 30 (thirty) days as of the date in which the notice under art. 10, par. 2, was received.

/4/ The user shall send his notice of refusal to the Owner by message sent on email:

/5/ The Owner will refund the user only the price specified in the e-voucher.

Art.11. The provisions of art. 10 of the General Conditions will not apply for vouchers purchased less than 7 (seven) days before the final date for their use.

Refund of the paid price

Art.12./1/ If it becomes impossible to provide access to Sunset Aquapark attraction complex for a reason beyond the command of the Supplier, the latter may not be liable to refund any cash paid for e-vouchers and compensation to the people who have suffered damage as a result of that impossibility.

/2/ In such cases, the Owner refunds the clients only the sum printed on the voucher. Refund of cash paid via bank cards is effected only by transfer of such cash back to the card with which it was originally made.

/3/ If the Owner refuses to refund the price of the tickets, the clients shall have the right to protect their interests in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation.

Art.13. Instead of refund of paid cash, the Owner may propose to his clients another visit under the same conditions as those agreed with the purchased e-voucher. The Owner shall publish information about such replacement on his official web page

Art.14. The client may choose only one of the options provided in art. 12 and art. 13 of the General Conditions.

Art.15. The provisions of art. 12 and art. 13 shall not apply, when the Owner is absolutely released from responsibility in the event of force majeure.

Personal data protection

Art.16./1/ The Owner is duly registered as personal data administrator under the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act and within the performance of his legal duties he shall take all relevant technical and organizational measures to protect such data from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, including from any other unlawful form of its processing.

/2/ With the adoption of these General Conditions, all users and clients agree that the Owner may collect, process and store any personal data they provide and use it for the goals and objectives of the contracts for the purchase of tickets.

/3/ The personal data that Sunset Aquapark will require to place your order for e-voucher includes: first and family names, email, phone number;

/4/ The email or phone number you declare will be used to receive official communications in your capacity of a client – invoices, information, notices, etc.;

/5/ It is possible to use you email address to ask you for your feedback after you leave Sunset Aquapark. We do this with the purpose of improving the quality of our services.

General provisions

Art.17./1/ The Owner may not be liable for the validity and authenticity of any e-voucher purchased from a point of sale different from the web page provided in these General Conditions.

/2/ If we identify an action of fraud, then the e-voucher will be automatically invalidated.

/3/ The User may not use the materials published on the internet site for personal needs, and it is strictly forbidden to reproduce and distribute them in any manner for commercial purposes without the written consent of the Owner.

/4/ With respect to the use of the services provided on the web page, the user shall: observe the provisions of these General Conditions and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, inspect for possible breach of these General Conditions and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria by other users and if he finds out such breach he shall promptly notify the Owner on the email provided for contact with the latter.

/5/ Once the Client agrees with these General Conditions they become an integral part of the contract for the purchase of electronic vouchers signed between the Owner and the client through the order for vouchers on the web page

/6/ These General Conditions may be amended unilaterally by the Owner and such amendments will become effective from the date of their publication on the web page, and the user will be deemed as duly notified for such amendments from the moment they are published on the said internet site.

Art.18. The commission for consumer protection will exercise overall control on the observance of the Electronic Commerce Act. To contact the commission visit